10 August, 2022

OOAK Doll Custom: Rainbow Jr High Jade Hunter

 My latest doll custom is known simply as Hunter now. She's in jr high and she's in her intense goth phase, which is NOT A PHASE, MOM!!! The moment I got her I knew I wanted to do such a repaint, because of the beautiful hair and the little bandaid, I felt this was the way to go vs the decora direction I'd gone in with Sunny.

Since I know nothing about the goth lifestyle or dress style, I did some googling. It's been saving me a lot on makeup designs, because again, I know NOTHING about makeup. It's never interested me before. I found a beautiful woman with this exact eye makeup going on, with a few more decorations on her cheeks and forehead, but I decided to do some editing. I wanted a look that would be over the top, but simple to achieve, as this doll is meant to be about 9-14, not quite sure, middle school is weird in the US and different in other countries. I figured personality-wise, she'd be an over-achiever. She'd want to make a statement, but she wouldn't know how to edit so she'd be over the top with her look. BUT, being a child, she'd also need to choose something easy to replicate from a tutorial she'd probably find on youtube. Thus, this look was born after many hours of waiting for Mr. Super Clear to dry and an hour of actual colouring with my albrecht durer pencils and a tiny bit of paint for her black eyeliner. Thankfully I have tiny tiny brush.

For reference, here's what Hunter looked like before customizing, with Saffron, who is awaiting her own customizing.