14 August, 2022

Colouring Book: Year of Witches - Uuskiuuu

 I want it to be autumn, or winter, there. I said it. I hate the heat, I hate how people act in the heat. I hate the sun. I hate summer full stop. The only good thing about it is my birthday and that's well over. I figure, hey, let's start Halloween early and maybe, MAYBE the weather will follow suit. 

Technically this book is a book about witches, but in actuality this picture has 0 witchy things in it. That's fine. I just wanted to colour something cosy. I looked up a palette suggestion for pastel autumn, which sounds wrong, but it actually worked out. I knew I'd need a guide cos there were so many elements to this  and I'd just have kept picking up random colours for everything. Since I only had a few to choose from it gave the page a cohesive look, despite having many small details. I do admit I got a little.... lazy. But if you can't pick it out, then I think it's okay. Sometimes I just wanna be less fussy, that's been happening a lot this year. I do still have an over the top, saturated style as my default, but like.. exactly how much fur colours *does* the cat need? He can just be orange. It's fine.