30 June, 2022

Colouring Book: Mythographic Aquatic - Joseph Catimbang

 For this picture I had the random inspiration to colour something small, detailed, and in pencil. It's a rare impulse, but I'm trying to be kind to myself and let myself do whatever inspires me whenever it inspires me. I picked a Mythographic because I really like Joseph's style and I knew there were some intricate things, but nothing I couldn't manage.

It's mostly just the flowers that are pencil only, the prismacolours, and then I brought in the Copics for her skin, but it's shaded in prisma. Plotting out where the trees and and bushes would be was half frustrating, and half fun. I think since I'm allowing myself to colour so slowly it's not being much of an issue anymore. All in all, I really like how this came out and I had a lot of fun doing it.

29 June, 2022

Colouring Book: Mythographic Voyage - Joseph Catimbang

 I really liked this book when it came out, especially because it includes NO hidden objects! Nothing to ruin your picture anymore! I went through it on stream, and then I went through it again in my own time and picked a picture to colour. I then did some googling for a sunset and went about working on it. I don't want to repost someone else's picture, but honestly it's mostly exactly the same so I didn't do it on the stream. It's just me staring at my computer screen and copying the real photo. Use references. Always. There's 0 shame in references and honestly this was a beautiful photo.

You can watch the livestream here, or click through to my youtube channel.

26 June, 2022

Colouring Book: Sushi Animals - Coco Wyo

 For my birthday I did a little livestream, but this book arrived a day later, so it wasn't included. My friend, bamachic, sent it to me and it was a total surprise. I love this book! It's so cute and I coloured this page so quickly. I printed it out as like 5x7, so it's not huge to complete either, but still. The sweet animals, the little sushi, I loved the whole process of this page.

16 June, 2022

Stamping: Mermaid Tiki Bar w/ LDRS Creative

The nature of livestreams is exciting sometimes. I planned an entirely other project for this day, but in going through my stamp binders the audience was interested in this one particular stamp, the tiki bar. I'd gotten it from HSN, which I don't shop at, but I'd seen a project with this stamp on Pinterest and went to investigate. Their site rudely didn't want to take my credit info, but I managed to purchase the tiki bar and mermaid/shark bundle after a bit of fussing. It's such a cute set piece, and the images are REALLY small, which I find fun, to be honest. 

With audience participation the scene came together, the colours were chosen, and we got a lot of the project done on stream. It took me a bit longer to actually finish it, but I'm determined not to rush myself anymore, so that was fine.

You can watch the livestream here, or click through to my youtube channel.

10 June, 2022

Colouring Book: Animenia Bento - Ena Beleno

 I've been scrambling a bit for content this year. To be honest, the burnout has been difficult, and I've been unable to plan things. This meant finding something to do a mere 20 minutes before going live. While looking though Pinterest (mine is linked in the pages tabs), I found a colour palette suggestion, liked it, and immediately thought of this book as something I wanted to return to. It was a gift from one of my viewers and this page was also mentioned as something people were interested in, so it just made sense. I scanned it, printed it out, and coloured nearly the whole thing during the stream.  

You can watch the livestream here, or click through to my youtube channel.