28 July, 2022

Colouring Book: Disney Summer Fun - Hachette Heroes


This page went through a lot to complete. For one, I tried colouring with my copics on the regular book pages. I did my best to make my way through the dolphin and honestly? I hated it. The way it was coming together was just not up to my standards and I decided that I couldn't enjoy the process if it was gonna look so crappy. So I printed out the scanned image, because I was smart enough to scan it just in case.

Once I coloured the whole image on copic paper I decided it was time for the background. I wanted a very vibrant, colourblocked look since this page has so much energy. So I picked out some bright paint colours and... it was AWFUL! I hate Americana paint in general, since it's so cheap and streaky and bothersome it rarely works for me and the applications I need it to. But never has it ruined my day as badly as with this picture. I did 7-10 layers on ONE colour and I couldn't get it to be anything but a gloopy mess that never came together in a flat colour. Since I started with the smaller part I honestly didn't want to bother to go through the trouble for the three other colours I picked and the larger areas. 

Since paint is usually my last ditch effort to salvage a background, the only thing left was to cut it out and mount it on some paper. I found an energetic yellow and, you know, it turned out pretty good tbh. 

24 July, 2022

OOAK Doll Custom: LOL Tweens Repaint


I really like the size of these LOL Surprise Tweens, but honestly... the eyes on the LOL dolls bother me. They're so big, they're so ROUND, and the eyelashes and makeup are not my cup of tea. There's nothing wrong at all if you like their original look, or dislike my repaints, I just happen to want to apply my own tastes to my own dolls.

I used my albrecht durer and museum pencils to redraw the faces on these girls after using the Dremel tool I got for my birthday to smooth down the eye sockets and a bit of the face on the dolls. I redrew the eyes in more of a chibi style, similar to what people are familiar with in Animal Crossing, or anime drawings. I wanted a simple style I could recreate. 

Tifa (left) and Inez the Patchwork Princess (right), were the result. Inez was the first one I did, and her darker skin made the accidental gouges from the Dremel more obvious. Since it was the first time I'd done such a thing, I had a few oopies, and I found that the paint and pattern covered those issues as well as gave her so much personality. Tifa had an easier time of it, since I'd practised some more, and I just blended in the new style with her original clothing as I'd done with Inez.

And for those that don't want to look up the dolls, this is what they looked like freshly unboxed.

22 July, 2022

Colouring Book: Mythographic Wild Winter - Joseph Catimbang


Did you notice that it's extra hot this summer? Yeah, me too. Thank the angel, I have air conditioning here, but going outside to let the dogs potty is a nightmare. So I've been dreaming of a bit cooler things, even things I can't eat, like ice pops (oh the calories...).  That's when I remembered this page in the winter Mythographic book and thought I'd make a colourful summer page out of it. 

I'm not going to repost it, cos it's not my work, but there's an image floating around google and pinterest of how to make rainbow ice pops, and I used that as a reference for this page. I picked the pop I wanted, and then added a sunset in the background. Then I turned on Jurassic World Dominion on an infinite loop, and got to colouring. 17 showings of the movie later (that's about 34 hours), I was done.

I went with chocolate for the random liquid floating around this page because sometimes people dip fruit in chocolate. You know, like those fountain things? Husband's office had a house party that had one of those and while I did try it, I'm not really a fan of pineapple dipped in chocolate. It was definitely eaten though. Me? I ate piles of chocolatey marshmallows and strawberries. And I don't even LIKE chocolate, I just like sugar haha. 

15 July, 2022

Colouring Book: Horizon Zero Dawn - Titan Comics

 I was contacted by the pr person from Titan Comics about colouring this new Horizon Zero Dawn colouring book. For full transparency, I was sent this book for free in return for an honest review. I'm so appreciative to be trusted with such a thing, though I'm not sure it turned out as well as he'd hoped because, well, I did find things that I didn't like about the book. You can see that in the video.

For this finished page I decided to try a technique that I see is common in comics and black and white colouring, which is crosshatching. I wanted to use the technique to keep the colours kinda separate because I have no idea how to cell shade, which is also common in comics. 

This is the image I started on stream, and I used to promote the actual release date of the book.

I also shared the book with my mini-me doll because, well, I really like that doll haha.

You can watch the livestream here, or click through to my youtube channel.

06 July, 2022

Colouring Book: Sushi Animals - Coco Wyo

 My mom really likes cows, so when I see cute cows it always reminds me of her. Cows and ramen, I could not resist this page for very long. It was easy to print out in 5x7 and we coloured most of it together on livestream, but I did a bit of the painting and detail in my own time. I knew I didn't want to do copic for the background again as I worked on the ottter's background kind of a lot and I think with this book having a flat, plain background can look really good. Also, ramen is great.

You can watch the livestream here, or click through to my youtube channel.

01 July, 2022

June 2022 Finished Colouring

 Even when letting myself have some time to complete things I finished four pages, and honestly I think that's pretty good. Two of these pages were really complicated as well, and took a lot of time, so getting them complete feels really good.

You can watch the video here, or click through to my youtube channel