28 July, 2022

Colouring Book: Disney Summer Fun - Hachette Heroes


This page went through a lot to complete. For one, I tried colouring with my copics on the regular book pages. I did my best to make my way through the dolphin and honestly? I hated it. The way it was coming together was just not up to my standards and I decided that I couldn't enjoy the process if it was gonna look so crappy. So I printed out the scanned image, because I was smart enough to scan it just in case.

Once I coloured the whole image on copic paper I decided it was time for the background. I wanted a very vibrant, colourblocked look since this page has so much energy. So I picked out some bright paint colours and... it was AWFUL! I hate Americana paint in general, since it's so cheap and streaky and bothersome it rarely works for me and the applications I need it to. But never has it ruined my day as badly as with this picture. I did 7-10 layers on ONE colour and I couldn't get it to be anything but a gloopy mess that never came together in a flat colour. Since I started with the smaller part I honestly didn't want to bother to go through the trouble for the three other colours I picked and the larger areas. 

Since paint is usually my last ditch effort to salvage a background, the only thing left was to cut it out and mount it on some paper. I found an energetic yellow and, you know, it turned out pretty good tbh.