30 January, 2022

Colouring Book: Mythographic Wild Winter - Joseph Catimbang

The second image from this book that caught my eye right away was this amazing giant frog and small village. I decided to colour him like the Peacock Tree Frog which, if you give it a google, is a stunning animal. It was very complicated to try to imitate, but the wildness of the pattern allowed me some leeway and creativity. 

For this picture I wanted to try an entirely Copic background. It was a bit nerve-wracking as I find this kind of background difficult still. Skies like this do lend themselves to a few streaks, but too many and it looks awful. I'm very proud to say this came out exactly as I wanted it to! I think it's just the colours that compliment the frog and really add a cosy feel to the page. Once I was finished with the page I added splatters of white gesso for the snow, but I added way less than the previous page since the sky was so clear and I really wanted that frog to stand out.

28 January, 2022

Die Cuts: Eline's Animals Die Cut Cards


My holiday presents to myself was a variety of Eline's Animals dies and, to justify the expense in my own mind, I wanted to use them immediately and make cards for my Twitch community. They're so wonderful and support me in anything I do, which means so much to me. I wanted to give something back. But I'm not very good with deadlines and expectations. So what I did was I asked them, without context, what their favourite animal was based on the few animal dies that I had purchased. Once they responded, I made the little animals accordingly. 

Only one of them answered "dog", so I was able to use her own dog as inspiration for the colouring. I also tried to include favourite colours on the turtles, as there were a few of those. Since I don't have coloured cardstock, I decided to use white and colour the animals with my Copics. It was easy to enjoy myself and come up with colour combinations without having to cut multiple pieces of paper and many passes in my Vagabond cutting machine.

As I was trying to decide how to get the animals to my friends, and how to make cards for them, I ended up receiving an order from Honey Bee Stamps that had a free gift in it: a pack of patterned paper sized for card backgrounds. It was perfect! Even the number of sheets was exactly what I needed. That issue solved, I found a smaller 3x4 piece of paper in my inventory, matched those to the new Honey Bee Stamps gift papers, and my cards were ready! 

23 January, 2022

Stamping: Log Home with Dutch Doobadoo and Hello Bluebird


My adventures through Pinterest kept showing me these very cute card designs using these easy-to-use stencils by Dutch Doobadoo and after enough of them, I couldn't resist anymore. I have so many little animal stamps and dies, and a log house to set a scene like that was a no brainer. 

I went to my "wood grain" section in my paper collection and found one that looked like natural wood, not planks, to trace the stencil onto. Since this is my first try I did learn that perhaps it would have been better to trace on the back of the paper, not the front, but my pencil lines came out in the cutting stage. 

Since they had not been put away yet, I had a pretty big selection of new Hello Bluebird stamps sitting on my desk and it was a matter of moments to audition the characters on my project to see which I'd like to use. I coloured them up in Copic markers and fussy cut them out. I then finished off the project with a little die cut grass, die also from Hello Bluebird.

I hope you like this project and got inspired by it as I did from the works on Pinterest.

13 January, 2022

Colouring Book: Mythographic Wild Winter - Joseph Catimbang


Since I absolutely love Joseph's work I wasn't hesitant at all to preorder his new book with Mythographic called "Wild Winter". I love winter pages and animals so I was very happy when the book arrived and I checked out the images. The little foxes appealed to me immediately so I knew I had to colour them first. 

I went for a northern lights inspired sky in the background, making the picture somewhat at night, but since I kind of went overboard on the falling snow this picture ends up bright and vibrant. I coloured it with my Copic markers, added details with coloured pencils, and used gesso for the snow. I also went over the flourishes on the page with a glitter gel pen.

04 January, 2022

Colouring Book: The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Jean

 I thought I'd finish this picture on the 1st, because that'd be cool, right? A cute kissing picture for the new year like the tradition at midnight. I only did that once before I was married, now it's kinda "well, we're supposed to, right?" because yeah 20 years of marriage. But colouring it is cute. I'm out of Magnus/Alec kissing pictures, so I picked this one of Clary and Jace. I looked up the scene in the books, made sure of what Clary and Jace were wearing, and then realised I'd have to draw a complicated background created in Angel's Square by the fae. Yeah thanks, guys. I decided to use the god's rays to highlight their faces and lips cos, yeah, it's about the kissing for this scene. I used mostly Copics, as is my wont, and a bit of polychromos to round out their hair and skin tones and deepen the blacks of the shadows. 

01 January, 2022

2021's Completed Colouring

I always have fun making these pictures and the video at the start of a new year for everything I coloured during the year. As we go into 2022 I can only hope I have an even larger collection of fun and interesting images to share with you.