16 June, 2022

Stamping: Mermaid Tiki Bar w/ LDRS Creative

The nature of livestreams is exciting sometimes. I planned an entirely other project for this day, but in going through my stamp binders the audience was interested in this one particular stamp, the tiki bar. I'd gotten it from HSN, which I don't shop at, but I'd seen a project with this stamp on Pinterest and went to investigate. Their site rudely didn't want to take my credit info, but I managed to purchase the tiki bar and mermaid/shark bundle after a bit of fussing. It's such a cute set piece, and the images are REALLY small, which I find fun, to be honest. 

With audience participation the scene came together, the colours were chosen, and we got a lot of the project done on stream. It took me a bit longer to actually finish it, but I'm determined not to rush myself anymore, so that was fine.

You can watch the livestream here, or click through to my youtube channel.