31 March, 2022

Colouring Book: Mythographic Animals - Joseph Catimbang


This didn't turn out how I wanted, I'll be honest. The original idea I had was that the foliage and background would be painted the same colour, this time I used Twinkling H20s to paint it. I'm disappointed in them, btw. I didn't want like... INSANE shimmer, but either I used them wrong or they weren't what I wanted. I'm not sure which is the answer there. Either way, the next part of the plan was to put high detail into the foliage and I... well, I didn't manage it. I got tired of it pretty quickly, in fact. There's only a few things in there with detail, see if you can find them. I don't hate how this came out. In fact, Joseph himself was rather complimentary of my efforts, and that feels good, but it's not what I imagined it could be if I'd executed it correctly.