20 February, 2022

Stamping: Winter in a Bottle w/ Colorado Craft Company and Marianne Design

 Originally I'd had a different idea for this project, which I mention because I think it shows the versatility of this type of craft supply. I'm going to make the original project on a stream, but once I started stamping everything out this idea came to me and I had to do it first out of excitement. 

The moment I saw the new release from Colorado Craft Company, I knew I had to make my first purchase from them. I've seen so many of their cute stamps, but so far I'd been able to resist. This line? With the tiny homes and the mice? Oh my god. I was supposed to be "being good" this month after a bunch of computer and car issues, but I couldn't let this pass by. 

The mushroom house really stood out to me as a winter application. Originally I was just going to do two versions of the other home, but the mushroom just seemed so cosy I wanted to decorate it with snow. I searched through my winter stamp binder and collected various pine trees and things that might help add life to the scene. Then I spied the two bunnies and I knew they were perfect. I coloured their outfits similar to the clothing I was wearing; it was a definite challenge to do plaid on such a small scale.

This stencil from Marianne Design was incredibly easy to use. I'm not sure if I prefer using paper piecing for the background vs colouring a scene on Copic paper, but the beauty of these kind of things is that I can try it again and see which option I prefer. I will say I'm very disappointed in the Nuvo drops white that  I used for the snow on this. It bled, and it clumped, and it was difficult to use. I have only one bottle, and I'll definitely not be buying others.