23 February, 2022

Die Cuts: Cup of Love w/ Lawn Fawn and C.C. Designs

I'd been staring at this little cup from Lawn Fawn for a long time, at least a year, when I started checking out shaped dies in the first place. I was able to hold off for a while, but after the winter holidays it was like "why don't you have this?" over and over and so I used my amazon points to pick it up finally. Sadly it took 20 days to even get here, but in that time I also purchased the little skunks set from C.C. Designs, a company I've loved for years. 

When the packages arrived at the same time, surprising me since the cup didn't have tracking, I knew I had to combine them in some way. The skunk set is SO cute, and just perfect for all those lovey and sweet projects. I also want to experiment with one of them jumping into the cup, perhaps "swimming" in it, but for now, we have just the first cup of love and little pink skunk. I combined some marshmallows and heart dies to make a very shallow shaker cards with a few layers of the cup out of cardstock only. It shakes, but not a lot.